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Rafa Belliboni, Brazilian, 17 years old.

"Hush now, don't you cry wipe away the teardrop from your eye. You're lying safe in bed it was all a bad dream spinning in your head. Your mind tricked you to feel the pain of someone close to you leaving the game of life. So here it is, another chance. Wide awake you face the day your dream is over... or has it just begun?"

August 31st     11:38 am


I have the talent of getting tired without doing nothing

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August 31st     11:34 am


Execution of a Communist Party Member by Nationalists in the 1927 Shanghai Massacre

August 31st     11:34 am

August 31st     11:34 am


New Sumi Works on Paper.
“空 Ku” (Emptiness The Sky), 41 x 29 Inches, Sumi and Graphite on Arches Paper.
Miya Ando
美夜  安籐

August 31st     11:33 am

August 31st     12:51 am


Frederick Hudson
CDV (detail) of Victorian-era British medium, Georgiana Houghton

August 30th     12:46 pm


do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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August 30th     12:46 pm

August 30th     12:46 pm

“ All I wanted was to receive the love I gave. ”

— (10 word story)

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August 30th     12:45 pm


Andre Kertesz - A Window on the Quai Voltaire, Paris (1928)